EU human

EU human asks the question: "how much of our lives are driven by electromagnetic forces we barely comprehend?" We seek to explore the biological, psychological and spiritual forces that are so little understood by modern science.

We pose embarrassing questions and possible solutions to these mysteries! These, we believe, are only to be answered by an interdisciplinary approach unfettered by peer review bias!


What is the real tool behind species change?

What is the real cause behind War?

Are humans connected in ways that we feel but cannot explain scientifically?

Free EU humans video (7 minutes) - War, Brains and Thunderbolts


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EU human and Peter Mungo Jupp

What does Peter Mungo Jupp bring to this forum? He graduated from the University of Melbourne in Archaeology (hons) but earlier life experiences allowed him wide insights across a multi disciplinary front. He studied applied chemistry at RMIT and worked at the "Cadbury-Schweppes" research laboratories.

Whilst pursuing a career in Medical technology Peter obtained an APMA diploma in applied pharmacology when at CIBA-Geigy. Later he deepened his knowledge base by working in the clinical biochemistry field with Technicon blood analysers. This morphed into positions in medical electronics where he gained knowledge in EEG, ECG, EMG and medical lasers.

"Mungo's" final phase, before switching to his passion in Archaeology, was in Medical imaging modalities including CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and PET scanners. For a time Peter lectured in CT at the Sydney University of Radiology. Further, over these years, he studied art at Chisholm institute of technology and obtained a degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the ASCH.

A long and diverse career which enables him to see patterns that would not occur to a professional with a narrow focus outlook. He is able to combine science with artistic appreciation and psychological insights!

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