Electric Geology

Electric Geology asks: Do electromagnetic forces orchestrate Earth Sciences in ways that traditional geology fails to comprehend? What hand does electricity and magnetism take in causing Earthquakes and Volcanoes? And are these forces governed by the Earth or do cosmic factors take their part?

What is electrical machining and does it take a hand in sculpturing the landscape as we see it before our very eyes? For instance has the Grand Canyon really been shaped by water erosion or does the tool of electrical machining hold the key to its instantaneous sculpturing?

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Electric Geology and Peter Mungo Jupp

What unique insights does Peter Mungo Jupp bring to Earth Sciences? When he graduated from the University of Melbourne (hons) in archaeology he had also studied earth sciences and Biology. This, however, was a later development in his career.

It began in the study of applied chemistry at RMIT whilst working at a research laboratory. In national service he became an artillery surveyor and gained invaluable insights into topography and ballistics. The focus of his career was medical technology across a wide front from patient monitoring, such as EEG and ECG, to medical lasers and clinical biochemistry. This then morphed into a lengthy finale in Medical imaging in areas such as nuclear medicine, PET, MRI and CT where he lectured at the Sydney university school of Radiology.

It was not until later in his career that he pursued his life's passion of Archaeology. In particular the numerous destructions of civilizations observed by Claude Schaeffer narrowed his focus down to the destructive powers of nature and how it had shaped, not only mankind but the earth itself. The part that electro magnetism plays in this role continues to fascinate and drive him to explain these phenomena.

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