Ancient Destructions

Ancient Destructions asks: how were incredibly complex ancient civilizations laid waste? How much was the hand of man involved and how much was due to the hand of nature?

Modern archaeology lays the blame on warfare and inept governments. Ancient Destructions will explore the devastating hand that nature plays in shaping the rise and fall of these ancient and well functioning civilizations. Further it will show the defining power of electromagnetic forces in their demise!

Frances most eminent archaeologist, Claude Schaeffer, maintains "these ancient crisis demonstrate that nature takes out of the hand of mankind the power which he thought he possessed"!

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Ancient Destructions and Peter Mungo Jupp

Peter Mungo Jupp graduated in Archaeology from the University of Melbourne (hons). He is a member of the Australian Archaeological Association. He has since investigated many sites in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the U.S.

He unusually brings a multi disciplinary approach to his studies with much wider experiences in medical imaging, biology, psychology, art, architecture and medical electronics. This enables some unusual insights into these eminently human disasters

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