Diamonds aren’t forever? (Electric Geology 6)

Diamonds aren’t forever? (Electric Geology 6)

Aboriginal mythology in many other areas of Australia mention such phenomena as the ”Rainbow Serpent” in the creation of geological formations such as river etching, mountain building and gorge cutting! But could these very same processes create diamonds?

Louis Hissink, a former 'Diamond' geologist with DeBeers, after personally seeing the physical evidence combined with hearing the specific Aboriginal mythology, is convinced that the Aboriginal's ancestors witnessed the Electric Universe plasma events that created diamonds and relatively recently not millions of years ago.

The verbal Australian Aboriginal legend stated that a giant Barramundi (fish) had jumped out of the ground at Argyle located in the East Kimberley region, Western Australia. A magnetic anomaly site at distant Kununurra was where, the Aboriginals insisted, it dived back into the Earth! Both sites were rich in diamonds around their deep 'diamond pipes'! The Argyle Diamond Mine is the largest volume producer of diamonds in the world.

Was the Barramundi legend nonsense or had these people witnessed, perhaps, a giant Plasmoid causing transmutation of elements and the creation of Diamonds on a grand scale?

The first part of this series is a written article on our main article site Ancient Destructions.

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