Giant Wombats and Electric Fossilization (Destructions 23)

Giant Wombats and Electric Fossilization (Destructions 23)

Extinct Giant Marsupials would be found on Australia's Mornington Peninsula was a prediction I made two years ago ! Recently an elephant sized Wombat (the Marsupial Diprotodon) was discovered off Sorrento, Victoria. It was concretised in a limestone beach deposit. But why was I so certain?

Along the entire Victorian coastline from Inverloch (Dinosaur beach) through to South Australia (Naracoorte limestone caves) is evidence of a vast extinction! From remnants of shellfish, trees and mega fauna there is evidence of electrical petrification on a vast scale (life forms transmuting to rock). The Sorrento Diprotodon will not be an isolated example as the abundance of electrically formed plant fulgurites along the cliff testifies!

This is evidence of a vast electrical Plasma discharge striking the entire area. The cause? Comet, Coronal mass ejection ( CME) planet in disturbed motion? We are not sure! But to my mind petrification with it's transmutaion of elements is sure proof of an electrical discharge. Australia is also replete with petro glyphs which Anthony Peratt holds as a representation of a huge plasma instability event. We conjecture this is cosmic in nature.

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