Greenland – Once a Viking Paradise (Destructions 21)

Greenland – Once a Viking Paradise (Destructions 21)

The "Little Ice Age" impacted Europe with sudden and vicious results! Using its weapons, of Plague, famine and controversially earthquake, it reduced the population of Europe by around 30 - 50 percent.

The virulence and death toll of the 1348 AD plague is totally unmatched by modern examples! Further the world mega famine of 1315 AD, due to both weather and pestilence, was catastrophic. Documentation of cannibalism and infant abandonment were common.

The relentless temperature drops combined with erratic weather are impossible to explain but mankind had no hand in its inception. What forces of nature caused this catastrophic scenario?

Greenland is a classic example of death and abandonment. Let's travel back in time and see what happened!


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