Can Kangaroos swim? The Wallace Line (EUhuman 3)

Can Kangaroos swim? The Wallace Line (EUhuman 3)

The thousands mile long Wallace line separates Asia and Australia. It is not only a dividing geological etching beneath the sea, it is also a biological division!

Between Indonesia's Bali and neighbouring island Lombok is a slim ten mile sea channel. This is the start of the Wallace line - on one side roam bouncing Kangaroos and Platypus, on the other man eating Tigers! South is Australia. North the Philippines and India. Remarkably, this species separation extends to both plant, fish and animal species.

It it due to the slow Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace "Natural Selection" evolution theory or could it be the result of instant catastrophic evolution?

Polyploidy is instant adaption to new species under extreme provocation of changes to their natural surroundings (energy/environment). Extreme heat and colchicine are used everyday by humans to create polyploidy in flowers for instant new species.

Can electromagnetic energy and its effects on our planet be the cause of mass extinction and instant species adaption?

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