Immanuel Velikovsky – Unsung Genius (Destructions 20)

Immanuel Velikovsky – Unsung Genius (Destructions 20)

Immanuel Velikovsky - a man who caused incredible controversy in his time. In the 1950’s he wrote a book called “Worlds in Collision”, which had as its main theme the cataclysmic destruction on Earth by planets and comets in the Solar System. He believed mythology and legend should be interpreted literally.

He earned the wrath of the scientific world. Yet most of his Predictions made in 1960 were absolutely proved by NASA.

* Jupiter did emanate radio waves and was an electromagnetic body.
* The surface of Venus was 800 degrees centigrade not the same as Earth.

Immanuel Velikovsky was right. Conventional science was badly wrong.

Immanuel Velikovsky - Unsung Genius

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