Wal Thornhill: Boundary Rider Of Science (Destructions 16)

Wal Thornhill: Boundary Rider Of Science (Destructions 16)

Wal Thornhill has helped with others to develop the Electric Universe Theory that is based on Plasma Cosmology and also inspired by the ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky (who successfully predicted what Venus would be like which was the opposite to Scientists predictions).

Wal Thornhill's degree and work experience in Physics has led him to believe in the importance of space gas plasma and electro magnetism in the formation and 'running' of our Universe.

Read more about Wal Thornhill and he is also video interviewed about Velikovsky.

Ancient Destructions Episode 16 - Wal Thornhill: Boundary Rider Of Science - part of the unique and very interesting Ancient Destructions video series from Peter Mungo Jupp exploring what, how and why catastrophe has constantly struck the Earth.

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