Mega Tsunami: Chevrons Of Death (Destructions 8)

Mega Tsunami: Chevrons Of Death (Destructions 8)

The Koreans were watching a Comet in 1491 February 12th and on February 14th it disappeared, it wasn't there. Data shoes the comet made a very close approach to earth and there are some astronomers who believe it hit.

Mike Baillie in Ireland believes that comets gas are Ammonia rich. Mike Baillie looked for Ammonia in ice cores and found the biggest spike in 2000 years round around that time of 1491.

From that and some of the legends, there were about 5 lines of evidence. The legends say that it occurred in the evening when the sun went down. We put it at about 8 PM Eastern Standard Time on 13th February 1491, this comet came into the Tasman Sea.

Ancient Destructions Episode 8 - Mega Tsunami: Chevrons Of Death - part of the unique and intriguing Ancient Destructions video series from Peter Mungo Jupp exploring what, how and why catastrophe has constantly struck the Earth.

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