Mega Tsunami: Melbourne 1500 AD (Destructions 7)

Mega Tsunami: Melbourne 1500 AD (Destructions 7)

Aboriginal traditions and mythology are all about cosmological warfare in the plasma of space.

We ran down from the Mountain,
a river out to sea.
We lift off to the stars above,
our spirits shine for free.
We return from the sky,
to be born of Mother Earth.
Red earth, Mother Earth,
our river out to sea.

They mention meteorites falling to earth and killing people, they mention comets, they mention planets in disturbed motion. Tsunami's sweeping across the land, people turned to stone, massive storms, thunderbolts from the God's, Mountain and River building. All destined to be passed down in oral tradition.

And this is where the white myth interpreters get it very badly wrong. To the Aboriginal people these actual events happened, they are not symbolic, they actually occurred, and not so long ago.

Ancient Destruction Episode 7 - Mega Tsunami: Melbourne 1500 A.D. - part of the unique and intriguing Ancient Destructions video series from Peter Mungo Jupp exploring what, how and why catastrophe has constantly struck the Earth.

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