Antarctica: Pole Shift explanation (Destructions 2)

Antarctica: Pole Shift explanation (Destructions 2)

Whenever a magnetic field changes intensity or direction an electric voltage will be generated, this is known as induction. But what incredible force could change could change the magnetic field of the Earth?

What is needed is an external radio frequency pulse to hit the Earths magnetic field. This could be from the Suns Coronal Mass Ejection (CME's), from outside the Galaxy, from a planet wandering in disturbed motion or maybe other causes like comets.

If this external radio frequency pulse happens to be in harmony with our own electro magnetic field a huge transfer of energy occurs. And just as at the sub atomic level a flip of the magnetic axis happens. Which will probably be followed by a flip of the physical axis.

An invading radio frequency formed around the Antarctic. This tends to be confirmed by Antony Peratt's world wide study of ancient mans petroglyphs (Peratt's Plasma instabilities - Tree of Life, Squatter Man). Their orientation is always to the Antarctic. The Peratt Plasma instability becomes unstable then suddenly discharges.

Ancient Destructions Episode 2 - Antarctica: Pole Shift - part of the unique and intriguing Ancient Destructions video series from Peter Mungo Jupp exploring what, how and why catastrophe has constantly struck the Earth.

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