Angels Over New York City (Destructions 12)

Angels Over New York City (Destructions 12)

Lets go back in time. Not so long ago the whole of North America and across to Siberia was shattered and destroyed in nights of hell. In a series of deadly catastrophic events Mammoths as well as the Clovis Indians were wiped out. These memories are still retained in cloudy mythology.

What happened? What agent of destruction rendered them extinct? Did it just happen once or a series of events that determined these massive extinctions?

In the following series we will seek the truth.

Ancient Destructions Episode 12 - Thunderbolts, Mammoths And Mass Destruction Part 1: Angels Over New York City - part of the unique and very interesting Ancient Destructions video series from Peter Mungo Jupp exploring what, how and why catastrophe has constantly struck the Earth.

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