Hi Thinkers

Hi Thinkers,

Sick of mindless reality TV and cop shows? Want to be challenged?

MUNGOflix web TV tantalizes and stimulates your brain via iPhone, iPad, Android, computer or smart TV.

MUNGOflix has 3 controversial video channels:

Ancient Destructions

Electric Geology


All 3 categories have new videos every month.

If you are a "thinker" sign up to MUNGOflix to watch all the videos and participate as we make more films each month. Sign up for $10 per year to join in the adventure.

Introduction videos

Below are a couple of MUNOGflix introduction videos that are only 1 minute long but full of questions that will make you think about the world and universe you live in.

Lesbos introduction


Ancient Destructions introduction


EUhuman video introduction


Electric Geology video introduction